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Natural Supplements That Can Help Manage Hirsutism

Women with hirsutism produce testosterone hormone in their body which is male hormone and this results in them growing thick hairs in areas they are not supposed to grow like the chest, back and legs. Some women may manage the condition while to others it causes depression, and that is why you need to control the effects and suppress the production of testosterone. Medical prescription drugs and cosmetic means can control hirsutism, but some natural methods have proven to be effective in managing the condition effectively. Here are some of the natural ways to lower the effects of hirsutism.

If you have hirsutism, think of taking 50mg of zinc supplements daily, and within two months you have positive results in the reduction of the condition effects.

Take the supplement of the female hormone progesterone to raise their levels in your body, and they will help block androgen receptors in your body, and the results will be reduced effects of hirsutism.

Spearmint tea is another natural remedy for hirsutism, therefore, take two cups of the tea daily and within thirty you will notice the positive effects.

Include reishi mushroom in your diet, and it will naturally help reduce the testosterone levels in your body as it is known to inhibit the production of male hormones.

Diindolylmethane has anti-androgen effects in the body and can be found in vegetables such as kales and broccoli, so consume them, and they will help manage hirsutism.

Some studies are supporting the use of lavender and tea tree oils to treat hirsutism but only for the condition that is not very severe, so if you have mild hirsutism go for these oils and they will help.

Using a combination of the licorice and white peony herbs has also been proven to have significant positive impacts I reducing the production of male hormones in women, so go for them and they will help manage the hirsutism condition.

Black cohosh is an effective herb that helps reduce the production of androgens in the body; therefore you can use it to manage hirsutism, but it cannot be used by anyone with the clotting problem or liver disease so to use it you must see your doctor first to clear you of these diseases.

Melatonin is also used to treat hirsutism but only for the one caused by PCOS because the women with this condition have low melatonin levels, but if your condition is idiopathic hirsutism, then melatonin is not effective.

You can take the chase tree herb to help reduce the effect of hirsutism because this herb lowers the production of high levels of prolactin in the body which is associated with increased androgen production which causes the hirsutism condition.

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