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How to Manage Hirsutism

The hair growth patterns in men and women are different. Men and women produce different hormones, and this is the reason there is a difference in their hair growth patterns. On men, dark hair grows on the face, chest, and back. Women do not grow such kind of hair. However, you might find that some women grow hair on the face, back and chest. Women who grow such kind of hair have hirsutism. Such women also have symptoms like pimples on their face, a deep voice, small breasts and thin hair on their head.

Hirsutism is caused by a number of things. For example, if your body produces high amounts of men’s hormones, you are likely to get hirsutism. Also, this condition is genetic. mothers can pass this disease to their daughters. The esteem of a person is tempered with when she is suffering from this condition. The signs and symptoms of this condition can be managed if a woman sees a doctor. There are some tips which can be applied in hirsutism management. Some of them are discussed below.

If you are suffering from hirsutism you should ensure that you do not have a lot of weight. Loosing weight is known to improve reproductive health. When the reproductive health is improved, the body of the women suffering from hirsutism will be able to produce more of the female hormones. Therefore, the signs and symptoms of this condition will be controlled. One can ensure that she has a healthy weight by eating a diet which will help her shed extra weight. For example, one should eat skinless chicken and fish. Consume small amounts of food but frequently. In order to shade extra weight, you need to exercise. Exercising aids in the burning of extra fats which aids in weight loss.

Mind what you feel. Stress can make the signs and symptoms of hirsutism worsen. You should never be depressed whenever you have this condition. One can avoid being depressed by doing a number of things. One should seek a guiding and counseling professional to counsel her. Find a friend and talk to him or her about whatever you are feeling. Exercising also reduces stress level since it helps in the balancing of body hormones.

Removal of unwanted hair from your body should be done. The self-esteem of a person suffering from hirsutism is mainly lowered by the hair on her back, chest, and face. Therefore, when the hair is removed, those people tend to be more confident about themselves. The hair removal is done through a number of ways. The unwanted hair can either be waxed, electrolyzed or shaved by the use of shaving creams in order to remove it. Always ensure that you shave in the direction where the hair is growing to avoid skin irritation which leads to the development of pimples. In case you are suffering from this condition, manage your condition using the methods mentioned above.

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